Kaya Football Academy Coach


About Kaya Football Academy (KFA):

At Kaya Football Academy (KFA), we are dedicated to continually enhancing the football coaching experience for our young players. Your contribution as a Youth Football Coach will play a crucial role in achieving this goal. KFA provides fundamental football training to children aged 5-12 years and 12-16 years. Our mission is to educate, inspire, and develop young players into the football stars of tomorrow. We are committed to offering professional coaching, top-quality venues, pathways to grassroots and academy levels, and an easily accessible and enjoyable coaching experience for all.
We take immense pride in our remarkable track record of nurturing young football talent. Our success stems from simplifying the player development process, delivering outstanding results, and instilling a deep love for the game. Our primary focus is to enhance the football coaching experience for players, parents, and our coaching staff.

Job Overview:

As a Youth Football Coach at KFA, you will be a vital part of our mission to develop the football stars of tomorrow. Your role will involve creating a positive and engaging learning environment, coaching fundamental skills, nurturing character development, and fostering a love for the game among our young athletes.

Key Roles & Responsibilities:

Player Development:

Plan and execute age-appropriate training sessions to enhance fundamental football skills.

Implement progressive training programs aligned with the long-term athlete development model.

Provide individualized coaching and constructive feedback to players to support their growth.

Key Footballing skills:

Plan and execute age-appropriate training sessions to enhance fundamental football skills, including dribbling, passing, defending, attacking, and more.

Mental and Character Development:

Cultivate a positive team culture emphasizing discipline and sportsmanship.

Assist players in building mental toughness, resilience, and a growth mindset.

Incorporate life skills and values into coaching sessions.

Safety and Welfare:

Implement stringent safety measures during training sessions and matches.

Ensure the well-being of all players and promptly address injuries or concerns.

Uphold and enforce child protection policies.

Communication and Feedback:

Maintain transparent and open communication with players, parents, and the management team. Offer constructive feedback to players and support their development objectives.

Tactical Understanding:

Introduce basic tactical concepts in a simplified manner, emphasizing teamwork and understanding. Adapt coaching strategies to suit the evolving capabilities of young athletes.

Physical Conditioning:

Develop age-specific conditioning programs that consider the physical development of players.

Monitor and track players' fitness levels and progress.

Player-Centered Approach:

Create and maintain individualized development plans for each player.

Recognize and nurture players' strengths while addressing areas needing improvement.

Community Engagement:

Actively engage with the local community, schools, and parents to promote the academy and its values. Represent the academy in a positive and professional manner.

Continual Education:

Stay updated on the latest coaching techniques, child development research, and football trends.Seek opportunities for personal and professional development.

Job Qualifications:
  • Coaching license (e.g., ANFA, AFC ‘A’, ‘B’,’C’, or equivalent) is highly desirable.

  • Proven experience in coaching youth football teams.

  • Strong understanding of child development and psychology.

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Passion for youth development and football.

How to Apply:

If you are a dedicated and passionate coach who shares our commitment to developing young football talent and improving the coaching experience, we invite you to apply. Please submit your resume and a cover letter outlining your coaching philosophy, experience, and alignment with KFA's values to kayacorpnepal@gmail.com or directly call us at 9851166443. We greatly value your feedback on our program and look forward to welcoming a new coach who will contribute to our mission at Kaya Football Academy.