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The concept of pasting/using Wallpaper  for interior design is gradually gaining popularity in Nepal now-a-days. No one can deny the fact that  Wallpaper adds beauty on wall by covering up flaws – cracks, dents, wall chips and marks on existing wall surface.   Wallpaper are available in different surface finishes, patterns & design and are extremely eco-friendly. Similarly, the price is very reasonable and affordable too.

Here you can find multiple choices for your selection. Further more, we assist you by providing our special installation team for the installation of those of your Wallpaper. We feel very please to help you to decorate your wall and bare space into beautiful and attractive one.

You can easily get connected with us for any inquiries and suggestions. We assist you by Consultation , Interior Design , Product Selection , Supervision & Construction/Installation.

Bonus Tip : While selecting the wallpaper and wall foam you can considered the fact of color psychology for better experience.